The story in 250 words. Images are screen captures of production footage.

Alex-Keller is an aspiring artist in a little-known country who dreams of putting his work on the map of the art world. As he travels around his city, meeting both failed and established artists who reveal their entrepreneurial stories, he starts to believe his own ambitions and takes charge of his destiny.

In other words: This is the adventure of Alex-Keller.


Alex-Keller talking to potential art buyers

So how does one become an artist? Alex is looking for success on the international art market. He strikes out to meet other creatives in Sao Tome in hopes to find a mentor. While traveling around the island, the painters Kwame Sousa, Olavo Amado, René Tavares, Osvaldo Reis, and the sculptor Nelito Pereira each reveal the story of their own entrepreneurial beginnings. These stories lead Alex to believe his ambitions and  take charge of his future in the art world.

Can he do it?


Who are all these people in the movie I’ve just mentioned? Continue reading character profiles.

– Kris Haamer

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