By Joao Lopes Marques

Dear Sir/Madam

Hereby I certify that Mr. Kris Haamer was a trainee of Diagonal Blá from August to November 2010 and that his pioneer project “Tomé” is a long-awaited bridge between Portugal, Portuguese-speaking African countries and Estonia.

More importantly, Mr. Haamer focus on an entrepreneurial character from São Tomé e Príncipe, one of the most peripherial and unknown African archipelagos. His triangular vision is about the power of creation in the Internet age and how other angles are possible when we think out of the box.

Globalization is in a crossroads and reflections like “Tomé” are more and more unavoidable.

João Lopes Marques

(Diagonal Blá Founder)


Continue looking at Santomean artwork by the film’s protagonist Alex-Keller.

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