Director’s POV

How do I direct the film?

Point Of View

The film represents my (the director’s) personal point of view. I make no pretense of objectivity. Viewers may agree or disagree with my views. A strong director’s vision and my background play an integral role in the film.

Director's point of view

Director's point of view


I combine documentary elements and interviews with a semi-fictional story arc. I craft a non-fiction story with care to give narrative structure to a documentary story. To achieve this, I use strong directorial intervention and do away with the objectivity associated with documentary film.


Throughout the film, characters speak in Portuguese, sometimes switching into Forro or Angolar (local dialects of Sao Tome & Principe). I use an English voice-over and Estonian subtitles to make the film intelligible for international audiences.


Throughout the film, I use present tense narration to give a feeling of contemporary images.


I try hard not to be dogmatic, and tell the story in a conversational tone. I use contemporary images.


I base Tomé on laboriously conducted research and interviews, written narration, and originally conceived creative ideas adapted to real footage. I try to be personal and involved. I create a biographies and character profiles. I ground interview questions in research and written character profiles. I employ interviews with people in disparate economic status. I record interviews on varied locations. Each character has its own location. It’s their personal space.


The film is thesis-driven. I focus on the journey of one single character that is doing something exceptional in the country. The character changes through that experience. I reveal what the character sees, feels, and hears.

Clarity & Conciseness

I believe clarity and conciseness to be important to narrative storytelling. I carefully craft a narrative of nonfiction story-telling, using a fictional story arc to push the documentary storyline forward.


Who will watch the film? Continue reading my take on the film’s audience.


– Kris Haamer

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