How much does this thing cost and who’s funding it?


Tomé is funded by me, the director, and a number of private investors. I self-funded the movie’s preproduction and then sought production funding from foundations, corporations, and private individuals with interests in entrepreneurship, the arts, and cinema. A number of people were interested. My huge thanks goes to people or organizations that gave you support for its creation.

I’ve completed shooting and am now in the post-production phase of Tomé. If you are a corporation, a foundation, or a private individual with interests in entrepreneurship, the arts, and cinema, and wish to associate your brand with Tomé, you may qualify as a sponsor and help pay for editing, sound editing, and related post-production costs.

I’ve broadcast funding calls on Facebook, Twitter, HumanIPO, and the film’s website. A fundraising campaign is planned for the Kickstarter crowdfunding community.



What kind of tools are you using to make this film? Continue reading about the production tools.


— Kris Haamer

Kickstarter coming September 2011. Or Pledge now.