Film’s Audience

Who will watch the film? Why?


I believe for the YouTube generation safe content is boring. I try to push the boundaries of my basic equipment with bold editing.

Film’s Objective & Value

I believe reporting of many African stories is dominated by large news organizations and international aid agencies. These include the BBC, CNN, and Reuters, as well as the World Bank.

In other words: there’s a distinct lack of independent African stories. Sao Tome & Principe in particular is unknown. I bring to life a place that’s new for the audiences.

I’m trying to tell an independent story. I use data gathered in my previous research project Africa on YouTube. This study showed that YouTube videos featuring the São Tomé & Príncipe have focused primarily on the categories of aid, health-care, and cocoa production.

What are some of the stories that remain to be told? I am showcasing an entrepreneurial story in a little known country. I focus on the adventure of one single character. I personify the country through individual interviews.

Tomé has 3 objectives.

  1. Revelation – I believe cinema and television news have often pigeonholed the whole continent of Africa into people of desperation, fleeing from violence and poverty. Violence and poverty is not the only African story. Fresh points of view deserve to become part of brand Africa. Seldom do people talk about Africa as home in European television.
  2. Documentation – I believe Santomeans share a deep love for their islands. There’s a strong relationship with home and a lot of warmth to be shared. At the same time Santomeans wish to make their country known to the world. I want to show that aspiration.
  3. Promotion – I am weaving the story of the artists together with the story of São Tomé and Príncipe. This can be great marketing for both.

I portray the experience of a young man on his way to becoming an artist. As an aspiring artist myself, this is my own story I’m externalizing through documentary characters. I bring an Estonian point of view to Sao Tome & Principe. This is something that has hardly ever been done before.

Traction & Social Proof

I believe a film is only successful if it finds and audience. Thus I’ve started early and tried testing some of the content appearing in the film on Internet audiences through social media. So far 500 people on Facebook have become fans of Saotomeblog that has published some content form the film and 200 people on Twitter follow the blog’s feed.

The film as also found endorsement (see attached letters) by Portuguese novelist Joao Lopes Marques, and the author of the Sao Tome & Principe guidebook Kathleen Becker.


Where will this movie be filmed? Continue reading my treatment of locations.

– Kris Haamer

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